Mountain Madness #1: Get Your Ski On At Dynaland In Gifu, Japan

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What’s the best way to get down a mountain?  Why straight down, of course!

My ski adventures started in the French Alps about six years ago.  I learned from a veritable speed demon (Julien-san), so let’s just say that I am not exactly the most prudent of skiers.  But it is super fun!  The one thing I really hate about skiing is the boots.  Does anyone else have really sensitive calves that get bruised up after a day of skiing?  I think I will eventually have to invest in some memory foam ski boots that mold to my bony-ass calves…but I digress.  Here is a glimpse into our very first ski adventure here in Japan.  We hightailed it for the day to one of the closest, largest resorts we could find in the area, DYNALAND (pronounced Dynarando).  It took us 2-3 hours to drive there from Toyota-shi with some traffic jams along the way.  Ah, Japan life.  First of a few trips this season, to be sure.  Enjoy!


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